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Be Prepared: Tweeting without Internet


Every natural disaster these days proves how useful Twitter in particular has become. The problem of course is these disasters usually mean your internet service and/or mobile data service is offline. So how do you stay connected and informed?

Twitter via Text Messaging (SMS)

You’ve probably heard that Twitter was initially built as an SMS service and because of that pedigree it maintains serious functionality through the lowly text message. However many of us don’t use twitter via text message enough to be adept at its syntax.

So here’s is one little tip that could really help – Save the Twitter SMS Commands PDF to your smartphone to have all the commands at your fingertips regardless of your internet connection.

Scan the QR code to open the PDF directly on your smartphone.

Try using iBooks, Evernote, or Dropbox to save a copy of this PDF if you aren’t familiar with this feature.

By the way you’ll need to link your cell phone to your Twitter account via the web at http://twitter.com/devices or you can do this via text message as well.

How to add your phone to your existing Twitter account via SMS:

  1. Send a text to your Twitter code with the word START.
  2. We’ll reply and ask you to text YES to the Twitter short code.
  3. Text your username to the same number. Do not use the @ symbol or quotation marks. Send your username ONLY, for example: larrybird
  4. Next, text your password. This is case sensitive, so be sure you are sending your password correctly.
  5. That’s it! You’re ready to go

This won’t take you 1 minutes of time and it might just help keep you connected in a time when you need it most.