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Remove yourself from Unwanted Business emails

I think it happens to everyone. Some salesperson or rep finds our email one time and decides to occasionally send us product updates or sales pitches. However, they never asked you to opt-in or subscribe and they don’t provide a clear method for unsubscribing.

Note: I’m not talking about real spam (the viagra and casino variety) you’ll need good antispam defenses to block that junk since they aren’t worried about the legal ramifications.

THE CAN SPAM act says specifically,

"Commercial email senders must provide easily-accessible, legitimate ways for recipients to reject future messages from that sender.”

But when John Q. Salesrep is broadcasting product news to 200 people in a distribution group he isn’t using a legitimate platform that allows for unsubscribing.

You can ask nicely to be removed. Hope that works for you but your mileage may vary.

Here’s how to get their attention and get removed.

First, forward their email to spam@uce.gov and then reply with the following.


Your unsolicited commercial email is in violation of the United States CAN-SPAM Act. It has been reported to the FTC as will all future unsolicited communications from your organization.

Seems a bit harsh? So was invading my inbox without asking.