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Google Earth IP Addresses

I often have to configure a firewall rule to specifically allow Google Earth so if you find yourself in the same situation here are the IP addresses that allow communication.


Note you can run an iplookup for these 3 subdomains:

  • kh.google.com
  • geo.keyhole.com
  • auth.keyhole.com

but there are still a few IP addresses needed that aren’t included in those results. The full list including these domains are below.

IP Addresses (hostrange is

You can download the IP list as a .csv file here.

If you discover an IP that isn’t listed here please leave a comment below and I’ll update this list.

Hope I saved you some time.

  • Daniel

    I think Google Earth IP changes regularly…it’s  74.125.234.* at this moment.

    That’s being a huge problem to keep it running in my network, since my firewalll just accept IP Address (not DNS).

  • And I assume we’ll see different sets of IP addresses from different places around the world and yes keeping up with this will prove to be a pain.