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Is your social strategy ignoring 30% of your audience?

You’ve read all the books on engagement and strategy and you are well on your way to building a responsive digital presence for your brand. Excellent, but are you ignoring a third of your followers and fans?

Unfortunately too many brands and blogs aren’t taking Peter Shankman’s advice, “Hit them where they are”. Where is your audience? On their phone.

Is your website optimized for mobile web browsers?

The only acceptable answer is an unhesitating and empathic yes. Here’s why

Fans on the Run

The latest data shows that the mobile web is more important than ever. The latest report (Jan 2010) from comscore has a wealth of information but here’s a few notable stats


Do you see in that graph?

  • 30% of social networking users are on their smartphone.

You shouldn’t really be surprised if you are paying to tweets and Facebook posts. A ton of these updates are from twitter mobile apps or are tagged with Facebook Mobile for XYZ phone.

In fact:

  • Twitter mobile usage is up 347%
  • Facebook mobile usage is up 112%

With these sort of numbers can you afford not to have a mobile friendly webpage?

What's wrong with this Pic

Welcoming the Mobile Web

Here’s the good news creating a mobile ready website isn’t all that hard.

From a technical standpoint it is a 2 step process.

  1. Detect that the website visitor is using a mobile browser
  2. Direct their request to a different page

Your particular method will depend largely on your website’s purpose and the resources you have but here’s a few tips to get started.

  • WPtouch – If you are running WordPress then this plugin handles everything. It’s clean, fast, and offers a lot of customization. I use it on every WordPress site I manage.
  • General Method – Detect mobile browsers via user agents then use PHP/ASP scripting to redirect the page. DetectMobileBrowser.com has some script examples.
  • Use a site like Mobify.me to create a mobile web page

As a side note if you have flash on your site or a flash intro (banish the thought & fire your webdesigner) creating a mobile site is 100x more critical. The mobile web doesn’t use Adobe Flash.

There are a thousand ways to do this well without blowing the budget. No excuses.


A large rapidly increasing segment of your audience are clicking your links from a smartphone are you meeting them where they are? Its more important than ever.

My thoughts… out loud.

  • i think its a great way to make more audience for a specific blog .