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First impressions of Google Buzz

There’s been plenty written already about buzz but a friend inquired as to what I thought about Buzz so after using it this morning here’s my take on Google Buzz.

Overall, I’m excited. Tons of potential and I’m digging it.


What is Google Buzz.

Google Buzz is a platform that invites you to share status updates, photos, videos, and links to friends.

This alone isn’t revolutionary but it is in the way Buzz works that has me hooked. More about that in a second.

Buzz can import your content from feeds, twitter, Google Reader shares, etc… into your Buzz Stream and they also display on your Google Profile. This makes your Google Profile an even more valuable space. It’s moved from being a link hub to a possible stream hub. It might even be the new lifestreaming platform?

Changing the Game

That’s awesome but here’s the game changer. Conversations.

I’ve long said no place in the social web is really focusing on providing long form conversation. Twitter is too brief and I see Facebook as more a friends/family network with too much farmville. Where do we go to having a long form conversation?

I think Google Buzz may be the answer.

Now if you are thinking that this sounds a lot like Friendfeed, based on my initial impression, you’d be right and I say that is a great thing!

You can “like” content, and the conversation platform is very similar. Friendfeed has long been my answer for social conversations but with its future in doubt I think Google has seized an opportunity.

I think Google saw potential in a friendfeed system where Facebook did not

The other game change about Buzz? Gmail.2010-02-10_1231_001

Probably 75% of use have gmail open anytime we are sitting at our computer. The conversations and comments show up as new items and it is so simple to reply. I think they did a good job of leveraging their most popular service (2nd to search) in a new social medium.


The next steps

  1. I could see conversations getting crowded out by oversharers (self-incriminating) so we will need some tools or segmentation to preserve the stream. I’m not importing all of my services yet so I can get a handle on how the community will handle the signal vs. noise issue.
  2. FB/TW integration. You can already import tweets (I’m not) but its an obvious choice to export buzz updates to TW/FB

What you need to do now!

  • If you haven’t already get a gmail account
  • Establish your google profile at Google.com/profiles (you also do a search for the word “me” in Google”
  • Fill out your profile and wait for buzz to be enabled

You can learn more about Buzz from Google.com/buzz and don’t forget to add me.